Product Development

Converting concepts to product

If you have a concept for a product you have come to the right place.  With 30 years experience ranging from aerospace to toys I can work with you to create a robust product design from rough sketches or concepts.

  • Need this for small scale manufacturing only?  Small-scale manufacturing through 3D printing may be an option.
  • Need a prototype to show to potential investors?  I will combine purchased parts and prototype prints to provide functional prototypes.
  • Need final designs for CNC, Injection Molding, Sheetmetal, or Blow Molding?  I can provide full 3D design files with drawing turnover package.
  • Need 3D drawing views for patents?  I will create simplified assemblies with exploded views that can be brought to a patent attorney for final patents.
  • Need a vendor for manufacturing?  I work with many companies that do molding, CNC, and other final product manufacturing and packaging.
  • Need advice? I can meet with you to help guide you to the right path for what your goals are and have many resources that I am happy to share.