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Dorian Ferrari - Owner/Operator - Catz Design Farm

  • As a pioneer in using 3D modeling for product development, I helped transform Mattel's product development processes.  This reduced time and cost for taking concepts to physical samples.  Software and Hardware was rapidly evolving through the 90's and 2000's enabling digital sculpting and CNC toolpath creation from polygon models.  3D printing may sound new as it’s the latest craze, but the technology to rapidly prototype designs was patented in 1984 and brought to industry by 1990.  This vital technology transformed the way physical samples were made. Today hobby grade 3D printers can be had for a couple hundred dollars, with prosumer machines  in the thousands.  These are employed in my shop to produce working prototypes for consumer products, props, cosplay, and simple gifts.  I have developed products from medical to satellite parts and toys to automotive accessories.  While primarily utilizing Creo Parametric, I also have other software for 3D printing and polygon manipulation.  What you get when hiring me is someone who understands the mechanical aspects of product design, with the ability to meet the aesthetic needs of the modern consumer product.
  • I have been in 3D modeling and Product Development since 1990.  Working at companies such as Beckman Instruments, Mattel, and Boeing, I have a keen understanding of materials and processes.  This experience helps to design your idea into prototype or traditional manufacturing such as Injection Molding, Sheetmetal design and CNC work.