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Bosco Kante – ElectroSpit ESX-1

Gatz Design Farm’s owner, Dorian Ferrari has been working with Bosco for nearly 5 years What started out as a simple printing assignment turned into product development, mechanical engineering, and design for manufacturing support for the Electrospit mobile talkbox. Initial designs morphed into simple mechanical assemblies to test the concept beyond some of the early hand-made prototypes. Employing 3D printing and mechanical design expertise from Dorian, and the vision and electrical skills of Bosco the project was able to be developed into a functioning prototype. Industrial Designer John Maruiello developed an eye catching design with a futuristic aesthetic, bring ing the function and fo rm together The ElectroSpit ESX-1 soon launched on Kickstarter, became a “Project We Love” and was funded in under 48hrs, reaching 281% of its original funding goal.

Many Kickstarter projects fail even after funding when faced with the challenge of manufacturing. However, Dorian continued to bring his 25+ years of experience to bear even after the campaign ended. He deconstructed and completely reengineered the product to prepare for plastic injection molding while adding adjustable width and length features to fit a wide variety of users.

Dorian shepherded the project through the manufacturing process, leading communications between design, engineering, and the injection molding provider, adv ising on issues from draft angles to materials Despite Covid related challenges the ElectroSpit ESX-1 has been shipped to all Kickstarter backers and went on to win the highest award in electronic musical instruments, the Guthman Award presented in association with Georgia Tech.

The ElectroSpit ESX-1 is currently manufactured in Oakland, California and shipping worldwide. It’s been very successful this holiday season , with the sound can being heard on the American Music Awards with Dua Lipa and being featured on the song “Levitating” by Dua lipa, Madonna, and Missy Elliot. David Guetta, Bruno Mars, Just Blaze and many more artists use the ElectroSpit ESX-1. You can see and hear more, and order yours at ElectroSpit.com

Electrospit – https://www.electrospit.com