About Us


As a pioneer in using 3D modeling for product development, I was at the forefront of turning Barbie into a 3D digital design reducing the time it took to go from a sculpt to hard tooling from 24 weeks to  12 weeks.  Through continuous advances in 3D software the sculpting was moved to a completely digital pipeline and that time continued to be reduced.  3D printing may sound new as it’s the latest craze, but the technology to rapidly prototype designs has been around and employed by companies since before 1990, and was a vital technology that I worked with since it was first installed where I was working.  I now employ two of my own machines for prototype development.  I have developed products from medical to satellite parts and toys to automotive accessories.  While I primarily employ Creo Parametric, I also use other software for 3D printing and polygon manipulation.  What you get when hiring me is someone who understands the mechanical aspects of product design, with the ability to meet the aesthetic needs of the modern consumer product.