Sunshield Case:Study

Working with the guys from Sunshield was a great experience for a great cause.  You can find the full Case Study from the menu, but the direct quotes I’ll add here to the Blog:

What was the obstacle that would have prevented you from hiring Catz Design Farm?
Sun Shield is a small startup with big aspirations to create a paradigm shift in the way the general public views skin cancer by providing free sunscreen. The main obstacle for us was financing the next phase of development which required a complete redesign for manufacturing optimization.

What did you find as a result of the hire?
Based on glowing recommendations and Catz Design Farm experience we knew we were lucky to have someone helping us through the entire design process that has made a career working with top industry professionals across multiple disciplines.

What specific feature did you like most about the services provided?
Catz Design Farm went above and beyond to not only produce an aesthetically beautiful design but helped us navigate the design for manufacturing process based on his many years of experience with plastics, electronics, hardware, and design intuition.

What would be three other benefits of this service?
– Prompt and professional responses – updates in a timely manor
– Flexible and adaptable design process
– Enthusiastic and eager to help create the best possible product

Would you recommend this Catz Design Farm for others needing product development?
Yes, Catz Design Farm can help any business big or small go from concept to creation. There are many grey areas that a young company may not have experience with, Catz Design Farm can help steer the production schedule and create a product streamlined, ready for tooling and manufacturing.

If so, why? Is there anything you’d like to add?
Catz Design Farm displays a unique ability to not only produce your design but make real-time modifications and additions that can help a business owner produce the best quality product while keeping an eye on the bottom. Catz Design Farm has an extremely wide knowledge base that can manage wasted production time and associated costs based on years of design experience and real world know-how.